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Following the growth momentum in 2017, 2018 begins with high expectations. However optimistic signals and signs of economic strength gradually fade away since mid-2018 given uncertainties such as the risk of trade war or abnormal fluctuations of oil prices. Trade tension between the US and China, which broke out in late March, quickly spread worldwide, affecting not only the two major economies but also the global economic landscape. From that tension between the two countries, global GDP is estimated to be hurt by USD400bn.

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Despite high growth rate recorded in 2018 with the highest growth rate recorded in domestic consumption in 3Q18 since 2014, the US economy also showed signs of slowing in the last months of the year due to the impact of trade tension. While US’ GDP growth reached 4.2% in the second quarter of the year – the highest growth rate from 2014 – growth slowed as the country recorded 3.4% GDP growth in 3Q18 and it is estimated that it could goes to as low as 3.0% in the last quarter of the year.

2018 is also a year with many social political upheavals for the European Union. A decelerating economy was recorded in Germany with low consumer spending and high imports exerted great pressure on the country’s trade balance. The Italian economy also recorded a sharp decline, along with high unemployment and increasing public debt, causing a budget deficit of 2.4% GDP. Public debt continues to rise in France from 98.5% GDP to 99.3% GDP and chaos in liberal democracies continue to widespread.

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With such opportunities from the listed markets, privatizations and the private equity market, aims to have a more balanced business strategy in 2016 with contributions from investment banking and proprietary trading, whilst the brokerage business remains the major business line. Regarding proprietary investment, the investment limits and sizes will be strictly monitored. For the brokerage business, IT system upgrades, product development, stable margin policies and customer base diversification are major strategies for to win back market share in 2016. We expect to have a stronger performance in 2016, with improved diversification of income and a stronger core brokerage business.

With the new corporate culture of integrity, devotion, and versatility, as well as a newly launched corporate identity, presenting youth, energy, creativity, and reliability, is poised to be more competitive in 2016.

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Since January 2, 2007, our information system has been centralized on the real-time basis. This assured the safe transactions and convenience for clients through out our branch network.Beside, our system is fully integrated with ACB’s information system in the real time basis. This accelerates clients’ order placing process while reserving safeness for the cash accounts.Currently, is a member of Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT). This assures our capability to serve our international clients 24 hours per day.

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