What Documents Are Required To Open A Trading Account? / Axi

Customers who would lượt thích to lớn open a Securities Trading Account, please follow the instructions below:


Procedures in details:

Step 1:

Domestic Individuals:

Please bring your valid Identity Card khổng lồ Japanese Securities Co., Ltd at: 14th floor, TNR Tower, 54A Nguyen Chi Tkhô hanh, Lang Thuong, Dong Da, Hanoi to lớn open a securities-trading tài khoản.

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* For customers from other cities và cannot come directly to lớn our office, please provide us with the information required in the Application-for-opening-tài khoản khung và send baông xã to lớn us at jsi
panpages.com.vn, JSI’s staff will contact you to assist you with opening account procedure.

Domestic Institutions:

Please provide us with the information required in the Application-for-opening-account form and prepare the following documents:

• Certified copy of the Establishment Certificate / Business Registration Certificate

• Certified copy of seal specimen registration form

• Certified copy of ID card / Passport of legal representative

• Certified copy of ID card / Passport of the authorized person (if any)

After completing, please sover us the filled size at jsi
panpages.com.vn, we will prepare necessary documents and assist you in completing account-opening procedure.

Foreign investors:

Please fill in either of following forms: 

 Customer Information Sheet _ Foreign Individuals if you are individual investors, 


Customer Information Sheet _ Foreign Institutions if you are institutional investors 

After completing, please skết thúc us the filled form at jsi
panpages.com.vn, we will prepare necessary documents và assist you further in opening a securities trương mục.

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Step 2: 

After you have thoroughly examined the contents in to-be-signed documents provided by JSI staff, please sign and seal (for institutional investors) in those documents.

Step 3:

Please h& over the completed dossiers khổng lồ JSI’s staff directly or skết thúc us the full package of documents via postal service khổng lồ the following address:

Brokerage DepartmentJapan Securities Co., Ltd.14F, TNR Tower, 54A Nguyen Chi Tkhô giòn Street, Lang Thuong Ward, Dong Da Dist, HanoiTel: 024-3791-1818

Step 4:

Upon receiving of completed & valid documents, JSI staff will carry out the opening procedures with the Vietphái nam Securities Depository and Bank of Investment & Development of Vietnam (in case investors choose JSI as custodian member) lớn activate the account. After completing account opening procedure, JSI will inkhung clients about the account number, transaction password; transfer khổng lồ clients 01 copy of each contract and assisting customers on how to trade & use services at JSI.