Parents, alert! the dangerous momo challenge has hacked

Rethành viên the infamously famous Internet fad, the Momo challenge? The social truyền thông challenge, much like the infamous Blue Whale Challenge, terrified both parents và kids. The challenge saw people getting a mysterious message on Whatstiện ích from a contact named "Momo" who then gave sầu them a phối of instructions to lớn follow. Failure to lớn vị so resulted in death threats. Needless khổng lồ say, it was very scary và the government officials all around the world started banning the fad. Even in India, states lượt thích West Bengal and Orissa issued advisories for parents, schools and colleges khổng lồ ban the game.And now, the Momo challenge has dipped lớn a new low. Fraudsters và scammers circulating the Momo challenge have now found a way to hachồng popular videos on the mạng internet. Popular cartoon Peppa Pig has become the target for them. Recent reports have sầu now emerged that popular kid"s cartoon show Peppa Pig has been showing the MoMo challenge character pop in the middle of the đoạn Clip, asking them to lớn commit dangerous acts and probably hurt themselves.

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Parents, think of it as a cautionary tale before letting your kids see the screen alone. You might think that what your kids are watching is just a normal animation show but it can lead them lớn a path of self-harm. In some cases, this challenge may even threaten people khổng lồ release personal information or photos.

Parents, while you cannot actually keep children away from the phone, you have to keep a kiểm tra and monitor what they see online. Do rethành viên, kids are very young to lớn perceive sầu any threat as predominantly negative sầu so you as parents have to lớn bởi vì this job for them. For this, vày rethành viên lớn maintain a clear communication channel so that they can talk to you about everything & anything.

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Keep a tab on their activities online. If you spot any signs of fear or worry on their face, talk to lớn them.
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